Even though SURRENDER is a conference, it’s also an invitation. An invitation to SEE powerlessness and poverty locally and globally, to HEAR God’s heartbeat for justice and to JOIN with the Jesus who pours out his life in loving the lost and least. It’s about going on the journey together in unity with His Spirit … the journey of SURRENDER.

Surrender, a partner of Just Salvos, is a movement dedicated to the radical call of discipleship and the mobalisation of every Christian to hear and respond to the call of Jesus towards mission among the poor.

Speakers from all around the world, musicians and artists of the highest quality, all practitioners in social justice action in local contexts, provide us with an amazing opportunity to participate by sending delegates to this conference.

Three years in a row, I’ve attended and participated and watched God move ordinary radicals in declaring God’s kingdom come in new and amazing ways.

Surrender’s partnership taps into a deep-rooted Salvationist calling and mission to announce good news to the poor - up close and personal. This year there will be a Salvation Army stream (running through-out the conference) that will gather Salvationist delegates to maximize our time together in preparation for action through opportunities and strategies in Australia – local and national.

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