what love.


I received an email today from Surrender wishing me a holy christmas by reminding me of the realities of Jesus' birth as a refugee in poverty. I also wrote an article a few weeks ago for JAC (journal of aggressive Christianity) about the reality of Mary being poor, young and a women... God's recipe it would seem for world changing events is through unlikely characters.
As we all seem to eventual succumb to the force of 'normal' gravity - it sometimes takes some deep reflection to resolve again to live like Jesus. A hero of mine recently held my newborn son, looked deeply at him and sighed as she commented, 'to think, that Jesus came just like this. Incredible.' Incredibly foolish some would argue. But, who can really understand the mind of God - so rich in love that He 'emptied' himself of power and glory to embrace humanity and reveal His message of Good News up close and personal. What love. Oh come, oh come, Immanuel. Christ in me, the hope of Glory. I'm reflecting deeply this Christmas season on the refugee child, the emptied one, the humble King, Jesus - and then, I'm hoping to be more like Him. Here's wishing you a normal defying Christmas as you do the same.