Bubble wrap, birth and good news.


I've been amused lately at the amount of people who haven't known I'm pregnant. It's kind of funny. I suppose it's a result of an attempt to leave it off the main discussion online - which is often the main way to communicate across the world etc.. In three days, Judah will be born. Judah means praise - and is the name of a nation, a lion, a celebration, a tribe and a baby. Praise is by definition something that 'bursts forth' - it is a bubbling over of response to a Holy God. It's not a controlled thing.. it's an overflow thing... it's like laughing out loud at funny stuff... I think evangelism should be like that too. It's an overflow.
Pregnancy is like that. Despite an attempt to hide it even - it gets out. It shows. It 'bubbles over'. And Holy Spirit is like that - in each Christian there is a promise of an overflow... a bubbling of godliness and power. Today I was praying for some friends and saw them wrapped in bubble wrap... it was a very sweet picture of joy and overflow. I'm praying for that today. The joy of the Lord is our strength. I'm praying for overflow in more than one way - but I'm praying that Good News will travel fast.. around the whole earth in fact and that Judah or Praise will erupt in every people group, in every nation so that Jesus might be fully known.
Told anyone some good news lately?