Inclusive Love


I've recently read the old book (last published in 1940's) Social Evils The Army has Challenged... each chapter has a specific story and strategy around some campaigns that changed the world. It's incredible. STAY TUNED FOR A REPUBLISHED VERSION!!
The story that has captured me (all of them are challenging) is the Japanese Brothel Invasions (early 1900's). Basically, short story version is that the army organised in 'bands' of Salvationists would burst through the doors of brothels where women were kept involuntarily (debt bondage) and they would make an announcement that any woman who wanted to leave could enter the center of the circle of Salvationists. Women who wanted out would get in the centre of the circle and the salvationists would leave... on their way out of course they would be attacked and beaten by the brothel owners and hired goons. Because the women were in the centre of the circle - the 'bad guys' had to get through all the Salvationists first - in order to get to them. They rescued 70 women in the space of a few months in that fashion... a few months later they changed the laws and 15,000 women walked out themselves. In the first week of the campaign business dropped by estimates of 2000 less 'sex buyers' a night... truly we delivered a blow to the darkness.
This inclusive circle of aggressive love is still the way of rescue, support and sacrificial love that represents God so well... it's still the way that God works on the earth - who have you invited into your sphere of protection lately? What blows have you taken for those who have already had far to many to bear themselves? How 'bout a new venture of light invading dark places this week?