I spent the day with several people who exhibit a lot of courage. Courage is a place of strength that often we don't even find till we visit a place of weakness. It struck me today as I reviewed the events that people who make great decisions, even when they are hard and not the 'easy way' but the 'best way' are exhibiting signs of God's presence. I was testifying to one friend that I couldn't have made the life changes in my life without the strength of God - who filled me with courage to face the things I needed to and to keep walking forward... even sometimes falling forward. That's the power of God which is much greater than me. Just to say I was very thankful to God today for the signs of courage in ordinary people: courage to make good decisions, stop bad behaviours, challenge existing prejudices, choose life, search for God, tell the truth, start again, and many more. I'm so thankful that we don't journey alone. And I'm praying for more courage to live a bold life of fullness every day.