Holy Spirit is a woman.

More evidence today that Holy Spirit is a woman - I was struck by the notion that being pregnant is not something that Jesus was able to experience... that thought was quickly replaced by the reality of Holy Spirit's experience in that department... the re-birthing of every Christian as well as the birth of the church and the groaning pains of all creation itself as they wait in 'labour' until the fullness of time. Wow. She really can relate the the experience of pregnancy and all this to say that over the centuries, mostly the early church saints referred to Holy Spirit as a she because of the clearly feminine characteristics in her role... a helper, convicter, mover and a shaker, nuturer, comforter, birther, teacher etc... not to mention the fact that the Trinity is 'complete' and the gender roles independant of each other are not.
Anyway, just struck me today as very obvious in the birthing department - and I can testify the labour of expectant hope and the groaning for the fullness of time. I wonder if she is also fat and tired?! ;-)