covenant and holiness


so, I've had the joy of being part of the Brengle institute in Aus. this past week or so.
The subject of holiness is an interesting one. My favourite term is perfect love... I dig it.
Colonel Barr suggested that as Salvationists our first 'holiness' covenant is as Jr. Soldiers when we say that 'by God's grace we promise to be clean in thought, word and deed.' I like it. Then he suggested we made another one as Sr. Soldiers (true 'dat) and then another one as Officers (that's a VERY good one... on making the poor and the outcast my friends, and making the salvation of souls the main goal of my life)... and I suggested that marriage is a holiness covenant as well.. if holiness is about perfect love than a marriage covenant of sacrificial love for one another is merely the extension of a holy life.
that'd be an interesting measure of holiness.
I used to believe a lie that suggested God's power wasn't strong enough to make me clean... then I started to believe another little like that His power wasn't enough to keep me clean... but I've since discovered that the pursuit of holiness is a lot less about me and lot more about what God wants to do in and through me... it's much more about Him. And this I know - He is able to do immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine... even in and through me.
perhaps John the Baptist was alluding to it when he said, 'more of Him and less of me'.
I watched an interview on Larry King with Billy Graham. When Graham was asked if he had any regrets (after Larry had mentioned all the amazing things he had done in his life) Billy said he had many. Larry was shocked. 'what could they be?' Billy said everytime he wasn't fully yielded to The Holy Spirit was a missed opportunity for the extension of the gospel in the world. Wow.
Surrender. Perfect Love. Reckless abandon. Sign me up. Oh yeah, that's right - I'm already in. Further and deeper then...