Salvos stopping traffik

Had two great nights in the Western Victoria division... Geelong and Ballarat were both places where I met people who were willing and open to learning more about Human Trafficking and how they can be part of the solution. Major Winsome Merrett is a legend in her efforts to have justice explained and lived out locally.
Both the events were also fundraisers for The Salvation Army anti-trafficking preventing project in Mexico. Amazing work.
While I"m at it why don't you check out: and see how you can get involved. Or has a whole list of events and campaigns that are designed to get everyone involved in bringing God's kingdom to earth.
One of the major themes of the evening is that the big scary nature and the evil involved in human trafficking doesn't have the last word. There is a power and a love that is greater - there is a life that conquers even death... and we go in the strength of the promise of Jesus' himself that good will triumph over evil. We took a quick look at some other situations that seemed helpless - changing the whole economy of England for example during the transatlantic slavetrade, India looking for independance, and the civil rights movement in america... all of them of course victorious in the end.
Let's add ending human trafficking to the list of seemingly impossible possibilities. Join the fight today.