Sweating to the Oldies.


Someone told me today that some of the best advice they'd received was from older women - like:
"As soon as you realize that 80% of life is boring you'll be happier."
"Marriage is work." and things of that nature.
We were chatting about how little we mix up the age groups in the way we do life these days and the costs of that to our generation and those coming behind us.. it was a great conversation. Although I never really had the reality of grand-parents in my life I did greatly benefit from godly older people who prayed for me and journeyed with me as they could. It was a great example of people who could spur the next generation on. I'm indebted to them and hungry for even more input and example... I've found the trouble with doing new styles of corps planting is that it attracts mostly a younger demographic from the church... we miss out on the wisdom, experience and advice of the older generation... I'm thinking there must be some older Christians who want to invest their lives into new corps expressions?? Just thinking really but I'd like to start sweating to the oldies... not to mention praying with, fighting with, learning with, journeying with.