A true democracy in Iran and thoughts on public protest

not sure if you are up to speed on the role Twitter has played in the resistance movement in Iran but it featured as a tool that helped mobalise thousands of truth tellers to demonstrate against the government.
Here is a way you can support the movement. Click here.
Freedom of speech and freedom to protest are some rights that we often take for granted in the Western world. Although if you've ever been at a pro-life demonstration you may have felt (like I have) that those rights are easily ignored and changed at the whim of public opinion. I remember one conversation with a university student at a demonstration who said to me, 'don't you know this is a university - we have ethics classes!' to which I responded that Germany was one of the best educated nations (with heaps of ethics classes) when it launched a genocide... what is the fear of public protest? why the defense? If people are inspired to speak - I think it's at least worth a listen to their argument - we may well choose to disagree - but it is worth a check. Have you listened or spoken recently? Cornel West suggests (in the Call and response rockumentary) that truth is love and love is truth - and truth hurts but it also liberates. Even though he says it well - he didn't think of it. Check out Jesus for more on truth setting us free.