Slumlord millionaires cash in on hard times


important article by Tom Reilly
June 14, 2009
SLUMLORD John Pisani has two simple rules when it comes to business: be discreet and never let anything get in the way of making a profit — rules that have made him a very rich man.
Pisani and his three partners — all convicted criminals, three of them for sexual offences — are pocketing about $100,000 profit a week by controlling Melbourne's private rooming house market, a shadowy world where some of society's most vulnerable members are forced to pay exorbitant prices, often in cash, for squalid accommodation or face life on the streets. READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE...

I'm very aware of the realities of slumland lords and the consequences of people living in these conditions.
I wonder - what is the long term response of The Salvation Army?
Are there righteous landlords who will take the opportunity to match this evil with something better?
I'm praying for a righteous end to an injustice that continues to exploit the poor.