legend in the land

Major David Eldridge adds to the legend as he joins the company in the order of australia. Read the news article here.

Now, to be sure, the real honour in David's life is the wisdom, advocacy and transformation he has poured out and seen make a difference through the lives of countless people he has introduced to Jesus and the power of the gospel towards freedom and fullness of life.
The real honour are the countless innovative programs and ideas he has launched that are still going - some of them further than he would have thought possible.
The real honour is to sit with people over coffee and hear about how their lives have taken a different turn - a turn towards the poor and the marginalized because of his example.
The real honour.... well, I could go on - but the thing is David is an example of the believers in his willingness to do the stuff. In the end, if the truth be known, there is no fancy program or skillful rhetoric that can rescue people and make the world a better place... the truth is there are people willing to leave the comforts and conformity of 'normal culture' and roll up their sleeves and get to work... even if that work is thankless, tough and seemingly impossible. David is a man who when he receives this kind of award if you look closely, you will find dirt under his fingernails. And for that his name is a great fit... David is a true worshipper. Isaiah 58 indeed.