Stop The Traffik

This week has been an exciting one for the efforts of Stop The Traffik around the world and here in Australia.
We've launched an events team in Sydney - Brisbane is always representing with crazy and wild activism and awareness (like stop the traffik booths at sexpo) and Adelaide and Perth are consistent in their involvement... actually, there aren't many cities that aren't actively involved in Stop The Traffik's campaign - it's very exciting.
Globally, we are getting ready to launch a student/educational campaign called START FREEDOM which will be satellite lessons beamed into a limited amount of schools - geared to students on Oct. 14th... stay tuned for more details as they emerge but suffice to say it will be in at least 6 languages, have three lessons on human trafficking and what to do about it and be one way of changing the world... don't you love being part of something that really is getting to work on justice issues right now?
If you want to get involved there is plenty of room for even more strategies and efforts... send me a email or check out for the australian scene or for the international site. We are looking for ordinary, everyday people who want to change the world.