RMIT becomes the first Victorian Fairtrade University TODAY!


Fairtrade continues it's good news spreading with the announcement today of RMIT University going fairtrade. This will be the first Uni in Victoria and the second in all of Australia. This announcement is one of many (consider the 80 University campuses in the UK who have declared themselves fairtrade already!) but we are on our way... don't you want to be part of making the world a different and better place? It's no accident that students who are discovering these slavery and impoverishing practises are the ones insisting on changing the way we do things. Makes me think we should all begin to approach our workplaces, communities, churches, schools and invite them to make a difference in the world by going fairtrade. The rush is on for the first bank, first school board, first Corporate charity etc... check out fairtrade for more info on how to get involved.