Divine Order


Taught a class at the training college yesterday on Chaotic Order. A fascinating study actually and we spent some time on what God's kind of order looks like. We broke it down to the seven stages of creation with Chaos as the starting place.
1. Light (revelation)
2. Expanse (big vision)
3. Living land (organic structure)
4. Seasons (constant change and rhythm)
5. Fish and Birds (complex and simple truths emerge together)
6. LIFE and Co-creators (reproduction)
7. Rest (because we are not slaves)

Not a bad cycle of creativity and life-bearing fruit... why not take a few minutes to read through the cycle and see where you are or if you've been resisting God's order for your own control and human systems that often have little light, small measurable steps, static structures, no change, incremental learning, and control based non-empowering partnerships... oh, and rarely is rest part of human system rewards.