Well, I've just survived a long journey. It's the downside of living in tomorrow... it's a long way away - although in Australia we stay ahead of the rest of the world.. it's a painful cost when travelling.
On the flip side travel creates opportunities to see, meet and get to know new people of all shapes and sizes and often there are times of great refreshing hidden between the hassles, waiting and security checks.
What's most interesting to me is recognizing the whole of my Christian experience as a journey. the Psalmist proclaims a blessing for all those set on pilgrimage and Jesus Himself was the journeying kind... not to mention the apostles. Travelling in and for the Kingdom and it's coming is an adventure well worth the cost. In my own spiritual pilgrimage I wonder if I've allowed sufficient times between the epic moments of rest, and sleep. Then I've wondered if I've spent long times waiting only to arrive without being ready... and on and on it goes. The parallels are endless. Needless to say we are always home if we understand that God is with us. And my heart is set on pilgrimage indeed... here's to God's kingdom come.. to new places with the familiar air of God's presence and purpose and for travel toothbrushes.