New Zeal


Just finished an amazing weekend in Wellington, New Zealand with warriors from The Salvation Army gathered together to seek God for a 'new zeal' in spiritual passion and energy for mission.
It was truly a hungry crowd as we gathered together to listen to God's words for now. And God spoke. Now, the challenge is to actually walk out what we heard. That is often the tricky part of a powerful conference... and yet, it's also where the blessings are. So, I'm praying for every participant of New Zeal that they would become the people God has called them to be. The release of the new book by Judith Bennett called White Cloud Soaring (about the 24/7 prayer movement in New Zealand) is a must read and for those looking in trying to figure out how to replicate the spiritual hunger and enthusiasm of the army crowd at New Zeal may need to take a page from the book and start praying now! Here's to revival in New Zealand. Bring it on.