Cadbury's Australia - please go FAIRTRADE!!

This post was from Robyn Evans and on JUSTsalvos blog but thought there may be others who would/could participate...

Cadbury's Australia are not as yet going to commit to making Fairtrade Chocolate. But we want to encourage them to make the change. Click on the link and have your say to Cadbury Australia.

Below is a template you can use.

Lets be the change we want to see,


Dear Cadburys

Cadbury UK have announced that Cadbury Dairy Milk, their best known product, is to receive Fairtrade certification by late summer 2009.

STOP THE TRAFFIK congratulate Cadbury UK on this ground breaking decision which comes two years into the STOP THE TRAFFIK Chocolate Campaign.

It has long been known that thousands of children are being trafficked onto cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast and across West Africa to harvest the cocoa that makes the chocolate that the world consumes. Despite the fact that industry committed in 2001 to remove all forms of exploitative child labour from the chocolate supply chain little progress has been made until now.

STOP THE TRAFFIK, a global movement against people trafficking founded in 2006, has been calling for individual companies to take responsibility for the chocolate they sell and asking for it to be traffik free.

Today STOP THE TRAFFIK campaigners around the world celebrate that in the summer 2009 there will be another traffik free chocolate bar.

However, it is only Cadbury's in the UK who are making their Dairy Milk Chocolate bar Fair Trade.

I am wondering if you can advise when Cadbury's AUSTRALIA will follow the UK's lead, and in fact, go a step further and make ALL of your chocolate products Fair Trade?

I look forward to seeing a guarantee that there is no slavery used in the harvesting of Cocoa and I also look forward to purchasing Cadbury's Chocolate once again when it carries this guarantee.