on leadership, chocolate and community

Headed out this morning to do the intro on leadership at the salvo training college... and yesterday was a full day... started with some partnering with St. Martin's Church (in the morning) - punctuated with thoughts and prayers and bells of the national day of mourning and the memorial service... then off to the sustainability living festival where labour abuses and exploitation are linked to human trafficking and the largest, illegal slavery known to humanity. A great presentation of Fair trade as an alternative way to buy CHOCOLATE, coffee and tea. Salvationists should be leading the way in living another day.
Tim Costello had a great take on going to a shopping centre as a spiritual experience (a fake and empty one)... I buy that.
Then in the early evening I joined a bunch of brand new collingwood salvos in SWAT (spiritual worship and training). Saw people getting discipled, engaged in worship, and involved in authentic Christian community - it's a beautiful thing that the Lord does in people, families and communities... I'm really in love with His strategy.