The LONG walk

last night our cell group was discussing Phillippians where Paul talks about STANDING firm. And this morning I was reflecting on the reality of the fight for justice. I remembered some of the discussion I had with the young people who were part of our slavechain silent demonstration to stop the traffik in Melbourne a few weeks ago. Basically, the walk was long, hard and hot... at the very end (or near to it) people were at their lowest in energy and in passion. I was walking near the end of the line and kept encouraging stragglers who were finding it hard to finish. And it struck me as a great image of the fight for justice in the world. The beginning part (definately the rhetoric bit) is easy... and fun, and energetic and exciting... it's the mundane details in between and afterwards that are difficult to navigate.
Now, if you study social reformers and campaigns that have had a lasting impact on the shape of the world - you will start to see that one secret to world changing behaviour is perseverance, longevity and a basic STANDING firm despite opposition, ignorance and passive indifference. To really change the world is a long walk to freedom - which also happens to be the title of Nelson Mandela's autobiography... 27 years in a political prison before he was released like a calf from a stall... it's worth a read... the transatlantic slave-trade was abolished after a LIFETIME of campaigning and legislation, civil-rights in america - again a whole life-time... and many, many more fights on local fronts that have been going on for generations.
My ability to tire after only a few months or a few years is matched by God's ability to never grow tired or weary of doing what is right and His hunger for righteousness and justice on the earth. I've decided I'm in this fight for life. It's not a passing phase. His Spirit helping me I'm determined to press on. Now, to the work...