Australia's largest fairtrade fondue party

Well today saw over 2000 folks from Melbourne (along with the INSANE youth from all over Aus.) party hard at Fed Square and celebrate the good news of justice with some guilt free fairly traded liquid chocolate!! Perri Winter is a force as the coordinator of the event and overall amazing justice chic! A few things were amazing about the event:
1. unity. It's much easy to be together on issues of justice... it's a unifying place for all kinds of people to work together. the partners gathered under the stopthetraffik banner are all incredibly diverse and yet together on making a change. amazing
2. fun. Justice is GOOD NEWS... we need to celebrate more.
3. people STILL don't know about human trafficking and how much it affects us everyday... how we participate in the evil trade by choosing not to see or act or smell injustice all around us everyday.... we've got to pay attention.
4. how easy it is to PARTICIPATE in stopthetraffik - throw a fondue party yourself... send in the petition... start buying FAIRTRADE products... start asking why things are so cheap etc... it's not hard to begin!
5. the effort people are willing to put in to help the justice agenda. I had many friends show up to help... and it always keeps me thankful and full of awe at people who are willing to spend their energy and efforts for others. I'm honored.

there is much more that amazed me about the day - suffice to say the spirit of the Lord was on us to proclaim good news to the poor today. Here's hoping some industry types will take note and see that's it's in their best interest to stop the traffik!!
stay tuned for pictures...