DEBBIE MESSENGER left this comment and I thought it worthy of a POST... some good questions here... any candidates out there that would like to apply for developing world territories?? This raises not only the 'called' question but also the capacity or 'drain' on developing world for resources... I wonder if host territories would pay the bill for their 'people' to be trained in the places they feel called... that would be even better than a month course on cross cultural mission - to be trained in the same territory as one of the 'cadets' would be a great equipping for a life of service there... hmmmm. any takers??

here's Debbie's comments on WorldWide training options:
I find it intriguing that people would apply where they 'feel called'!

I am currently appointed in the Philippines, I felt I was being called to Africa but God knew better and I LOVE my second home! I doubt many people would want to put their hand up to train here though, not because the training is any less... the OTC is fantastic, intense training from qualified leaders and there are many incredible opportunities for service!

Yet, when Commissioned you would be one of the lucky ones to live on $35 a week, you could possibly be given an appointment where you only receive 50% of that allowance and you could have a home smaller than your current bedroom with no bathroom, electricity or running water... I wonder if anyone is feeling 'called' to study here and become and officer in this country (or many others with similar circumstances)?

I have a question based on your blog entry. What places are people feeling called to train and serve in, if not their own country? Are they the 'comfy' countries where all the grants and allowances are available? I may be totally 'off base', this is purely a question of interest.

I am humbled daily by the sacrifices of my fellow officers, I am challenged over and over by the commitment of those I serve alongside, I don't write these words to lessen the commitment of anyone in ANY country, but just wonder if we are really willing to give up basic needs so we can serve where we 'are called'?