On the road again...


Sitting in the Melbourne Airport waiting for my flight, I was thinking today about the incredible realities of travel. How the world is shrinking in this generation. Word has it that young people called to Officership in The Salvation Army are applying all around the world.. trying to pick the country that they feel 'called to'. It's evidence of a new generation meeting an older system when the current structure doesn't really know how to process or how to attract in this way. I know it challenges some of our existing processes - but I think it could be an amazing opportunity. It could help us use the existing 'smallness' of the world to spread the gospel, train up a generation of globe trotting leaders and advance God's Kingdom on earth.
It would force us to abandon the 'territory' model that insists on direct benefit or no deposit.. it would widen our scope to be thinking about World impact rather than plugging holes in an existing system. I don't know - I'm just thinking here... but what would be the possibilities of a global training system - connected virtually and physically by the 'pilgrim generation'... ?? nice to dream about.