FORGE and chaos


so last weekend I was in Sydney speaking at a Forge Intensive. The subject was on leadership and it was a great opportunity to dive back into the territory of Chaotic Order. This is the idea that Chaos is a tool God often uses to overthrow our own human systems and structures in order to establish His order... a Divine order. Using Genesis 1-3 as a model we can figure out what Divine order looks like:
pre-condition: Chaos (God starts with Chaos... so if you find yourself in a chaotic place don't run - hover there with the Holy Spirit and take a look at what God is going to do).
1. Light (Revelation is the sign of God's creation.... it starts with light... look for Divine revelation)
2. Expanse (God created the sky... he wants to deepen our experience right from the beginning... are you going deeper?)
3. Land (but not like a building foundation - vegetation and living land... alive with creative energy... a living foundation)
4. Seasons (God builds in consistent change... he is constantly at work... the seasons are gifts... change is a part of His order)
5. Birds and the Fish (The most complex and the most simple creation on the same day.... it's not always about linear order it's about the simple and the deep at the same time... )
6. Humans and Animals (most notably God invited us through reproduction to be co-creators - not content to hog or hide his power he shared it... are you sharing power?)
7. Rest. Part of the order... the people of God have always entered God's rest... rest didn't enter them they had to chose it.

So, it was a very healthy and timely reminder for me to look for what God is doing and join Him - not in some humanly designed system but in God's great chaotic order. Bring it on.