Up close and personal

At Maclead youth meeting last night we took a quick look at Jacob in Gen. And the progression of his experience with God. His first encounter of course is in the wilderness while he runs away thinking he 'stole' the blessing from his brother. While sleeping he is visited in a dream by God and reminded of the activity of something bigger... something otherworldly and the promise of his heritage. He named that place the house of God.
I'm praying for a generation to wake up to the heritage God has promised. To be children of the blessing is to understand that salvation is so much larger than our own little lives. I wish we'd stop stealing it, tucking it away and treating it like something to be 'had' and we'd get a glimpse of the boundlessness of it - and lose our lives in it... like a boundless sea (sound familiar?).
Jacob comes to recognize God's presence but not until years later does he have a personal encounter that moves him from bethel (house) to peniel (face). This encounter costs him. But it's this ecounter that solidifies him into the generational blessing of the Covenant... it will be through Jacob that the whole world is blessed. wow.
Do you see the progression?
House of God. Recognize the presence of God and the promise is for YOU.
Face of God. Costly. Recognize that through you the world is to be blessed.

I'm praying for a journey from bethel to peniel in many lives today. God grant it not that we should give a gift that costs us nothing. (King David).