A Brand New Day


Without choosing sides in the American polarized and popular election let me just say that the election of Barack Obama is amazing. It's not amazing because of the republican versus democratic stuff, the money spent, the other running mates, the speeches, the colossal waste of time etc... it's amazing because less than 50 years ago it was impossible to imagine. It was.
Only a generation ago it was impossible to imagine a black president in America. Martin Luther King Jr. was shooting for equal votes and integrated schools. While he was shooting for measurables goals someone was shooting for him....and now... Now, it's in front of us in living colour... in a beautiful new suit - with a smooth voice and a rhetoric about dreaming... it's here. Isn't it amazing? A Brand New Day.
And so I'm somehow bolstered in my spirit - for that which we can only barely hope or imagine can stand in front of us one day... right in front of us. Jesus said don't buy it when people say the kingdom is over there or over there... because the Kingdom is right here... in you and in me. Here it is - the Kingdom of God. What are you dreaming for... let today be a witness that you should let your dreams soar and then work like made and die as seed to let those dreams live... A Brand New Day.