Adelaide and Social Justice

I've been at the One Mission conference in Adelaide this weekend.
Some very helpful things happening... with exciting reports of social justice initiatives from all different demographics and in a myriad of colourful ways! Exciting stuff really.
It's amazing the things God will do through us if we will spend ourselves on behalf of justice (check out Isaiah 58 for more details). We were talking today about the barriers to moving towards lives that are about the deeper things of the kingdom... and I had just finished some research on Elizabeth Fry who wrote 'I fear that my life is slipping away to little purpose' in her diary just two days before being invited into a women's prison which sparked the future direction of her life... it's like that isn't it - the will of God will not be forced upon us... it is as we go that we will find the sweet spirit whispering amen as we extend God's kingdom on earth. I wonder how many of us are tempted to sit inside and reflect as we write in our diaries that our lives have no purpose... all the while there are thousands of people - all around us, everyday who need to know the reality of God's Kingdom come.
Jesus said it this way, 'the spirit of the Lord is on me to preach good news to the poor...' - now that sounds like a purpose worth living for to me!