Guilty by association?

"If we are members of a privileged group that profits from structural evil, and if we have at least some understanding of the evil yet fail to what God wants us to do to change things, we stand guilty before God. Social evil is just as displeasing to God as personal evil. And it is more subtle."

I'm still reading Rich Christians in An Age of Hunger by Ron Sider... this section has been a challenge... what kind of culpability do we have for continuing to support unjust systems of economic and political power for our own benefit. Fairtrade is a solid example... why do I keep buying things I know were most likely made by children at great cost to them and little cost to me?
Why don't I demand a change in the global wealth distribution to be more equitable? Because it would cost me! that's why.

I've been thinking about how many things I do for my own benefit at the expense of others... particularly the poor. I've got to sort it out... but how?