Immeasurably more...


Ephesians 3:20 and following was the theme for unlimited this year - in Sydney and in Brisbane.
Both events proved to be an exploration of God's love and power for mission.
I've been thinking about the theme and it's impact on the world.
Often times we think that the immeasurably more of God's love and power is for us... but clearly, if it's more than we could ever even ask or imagine - then it's MORE than enough for us... it's enough for the whole world.
This is something to pray and think about... how can I get the message of the immeasurably more love and power of God to a world struggling with poverty, slavery and heaps of economic oppression?
Well here are some ideas:
1. spread the word. Believe that the Word of God has power... and start speaking this out. This will matter - because it's much easier to despair than to hope for a better world...
2. live the word. Live as though there is more than enough - shake off the inclination to accumulate more 'stuff' in the world to make you feel better and get rid of some stuff - share it with those who need it... and free some stuff up to give away - in a fierce demonstration of the more than enough God we serve.
I'm going to give it a go.