Prophetic imaginations...


Just finished listening to a message by Walter Brueggemann... blogged about it but accidently posted it on armybarmy... go on a listen to it there!
It reminded me though of the book I've just finished reading by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw, Jesus For President... offering a great historical glimpse at the counter-cultural call (including a rugged and fierce non-violence) of Christ... and the confusing realities of the Empire (dominant culture) when it tries to squeeze Christianity into it's mold. Tony Campolo used to say that if we lived truly holy lives it would be like giving the finger to the world... this book is a bit like that - the challenge of course is to ask ourselves how following Jesus makes us different from the rest of the world... what would Jesus do? was a campaign that tried to ask I suppose, but we answered with typical personal and super spiritual answers... like 'he'd pray about it' or work a miracle... but where would Jesus live? and would Jesus join the military? and would Jesus pay taxes? and What would Jesus' house look like? Who would Jesus hang out with? would he give away his life savings to the poor? etc.... interesting stuff.
Check out their website for more.