Why Warriors Lie Down and Die

Was at a cultural awareness seminar last week on Aboriginal situation in Aus. by Richard Trudgen, who also wrote the book, why warriors lie down and die. Now in it's sixth printing, the book has been invaluable in bringing about a new sense of understanding between indigenous people and mainstream culture.

Some Alarming statistics:
1970s - 95% of employment (in Aborigial areas) filled by aboriginals
1990s - 95% of employment filled by English first speakers
The 1994 deathrate among Aboriginals in Australia was 4.5x the national average (worse than the Iraqis RIGHT NOW... wow). And those are the latest stats available... which is incredibly interesting itself...

We've got to pray and ask the Lord how we help.
It did get me dreaming and thinking about the likes of Booth Tucker in India who seemed to fully grasp a cross-cultural attitude that was coupled with aggressive evangelism and hope... with great respect for the native culture of India... I think we ought to at least have an Aboriginal uniform?? I'm praying God will release the strategy to Close The Gap in Australia.