War criminals and more questions on leadership...


I've been rhinking about the recent arrest of Karadzic (the Bosnian war criminal at large for 13 years)
Quoted from a ABC article on his disguise:
People who live on Juri Gagarin Street, a street of gray Communist-era apartment buildings across the Sava River, felt certain that their new neighbor was some kind of mystical guru.

"He moved to our neighborhood early last year. I thought he was a spiritual man," said Danica Jankovic, a sixth floor neighbor of the man who assumed the alias Dr. Dragan or David Dabic. "His dense white beard and distinctive long hair, his long periods of complete silence, and the fact that he was into meditation left me with no doubt. I still cannot believe his true identity."

Unrecognizable, with long white hair, a long beard and 40 pounds lighter, Karadzic, under the new name, appears to have led a very different life than one would have expected from one of the world's most wanted fugitives.

I can't help but wonder why International/National leaders are allowed so much freedom to do such evil things... How long will Mugabe be left unchecked while he holds the people of Zimbabwe hostage... it's an empty war crimes trial when Justice is so long delayed... incredible..

then I started to wonder about the checks necessary in leadership. Most of us are far from being able to execute decisions that effect whole people groups... but large enough that every one has some impact... what are the essential checks and balances? how is accountability secured and to whom? what are our motives...

some good questions to keep us honest and true... what is true leadership - the exercise of power only? or is true leadership the release of freedom in the world?

anyway, just thinking...