things we value...

Was having some great conversation today about the things we value... really, really value and then how we show it... for example:
in an institution setting - budgets are moral documents...
in a personal setting - where you live and what you invest in matters..
in a social setting - who you are friends with and who you give preference too matters!

I'm ready 7 ways to change the world by Jim Wallace... stay tuned (after a two week stint in the bush of Zambia) for some meaty quotes on social justice.
In the meantime think on this:
what do you value? and how can people tell?
this can work in both directions - sometimes we hold to certain values in our belief system but then if we actually critically think through our spending, lifestyles and habits we realize that we don't really value those things the way we would like... some readjustment is in order... and the reverse can also be true..

so for two weeks while I'm in Zambia I'm going to be doing some thinking and searching around the area of what I value... I'm praying for my life to align with the Kingdom of God...