JUSTLive network...

So, when social justice is boiled all the way down to it's essence it is about relationships.
It's about how we choose to live and how that life impacts the people around us.
There is a move about in the church... a radical move that some disciples are making that change the way they are living -and where they are living. it's a move into the economically poor areas of the world... an 'incarnation' of the gospel in us coming also to the neighbourhoods where we choose to live.
living that way has changed my life... I love it and have found it one of the best teachers in my pursuit of God and His Kingdom.
I remember reading Cry Of The Urban Poor by Viv Grigg (a must read for incarnational types) and it completely transformed the way I thought about bringing the gospel to the world.
The Booth's were convinced by theory and practise that incarnation was the best approach to kingdom advance and the good news is that a whole generation of Salvation Army folks are catching the primitive incarnation bug again!
In Australia we are hoping to gather all these types in a network that will encourage, inspire and equip people to do incarnation even more deeply. It's called JUSTLive and it's kick off event is at a conference called Surrender (hosted by Uniting Neighbours of Hope). If you can - you should come... it is a celebration of what God is doing through incarnational communities among the poor around the world... let's get justice right where we live... and then let's let it roll!
interested in joining? contact justsalvos@aus.salvationarmy.org for more info on how to be part of changing the world one community at a time.