Thailand - the oldest profession or the oldest oppression?


I was in Bangkok for a few days this week. Took a look at one of the largest industries for the Thai economy - prostitution. An estimated 20,000 women in Bangkok alone are currently selling their bodies in order to make enough money to eat and support their families.

In the midst of that there are some valiant and creative people who are offering alternative employment, schooling, and housing/support in order to give Thai women a real choice! These folks are an inspiration of courage and gospel. To quote one of them who spoke of the alarming number of women who want out of their situation. 'We could help 1000's of women exit prostitution if we had the resources.' I couldn't help but think of them (and many women around the world) who are 'choosing' to sell themselves. How many of them would choose something else if they also had some options... and who is going to give them options?

If the gospel is something - it is about an opportunity to choose love. I'm praying for the labourers of the gospel in Bangkok's sex industry... I'm praying for more of them and a strengthening of their resolve in the midst of a sea of poverty. Mostly, I'm praying for creative, resilient responses that create alternative income for Thailand and for women around the world. Why not join the fight today?

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