Roof OVer every head


The Oasis documentary and the youth homelessness report is already gaining great media and public attention in Australia.
This is sure to be a great opportunity to use our voice on behalf of those who can't get people to hear their story!
Is it possible that in a country as resourceful and wealthy as Australia that 22,000 young people are homeless every night.
Surely it's a challenge to every salvationist, Christian and even your everyday average australian bloke?
Come on people - surely we can make a difference.
Check out this article in The Australian by David Eldridge - a giant of reform!
Then make sure you tune in to ABC at 9pm on Thursday night for the premier of the film AND then make sure you think about how you can contribute to a solution.

There is much to do. God help us.
As U2 once sang, 'please, get up off your knees now.' - let's put some of our prayers into living colour.