I'll Fight... I'll Fight.... I'll Fight!


Just got back from Sydney where I was part of the social justice conference called I'll Fight!
Great job by the folks in Greater West Division who put it on - some great topics covered and some great reminders about what we need and are about in the Army and the world.
One thing God has really been reminding me about lately is the need to allow our imaginations to be fueled by God's spirit... we need to re-imagine the world in new ways... and then innovate like mad to bring heaven to earth... I'm asking the Lord to breathe in fresh strategies of justice that represent Him well. I'm praying it for everyone around the world who wants to fight...
Lately it seems the best innovators have been those dedicated to greed, power and evil - but we know that's a lie... evil doesn't create - it only destructs... at best it imitates... but we serve the One who creates... original, deep, true, life-giving and sustaining initiatives that aren't quick and easy but lasting and life changing... that's what I'm praying for - Divine, creative strategies to blast the darkness with some brilliant light!