Armybarmy is critiquing Collo's blog so I thought I'd go back a day and quote some of what Dave had to say about Gluttony - which I found interesting and helpful:

As part of my contribution to camp I was one of several asked to lead a session on the seven deadly sins, I chose gluttony. It was great to discuss and debate with the youth the over indulgence of food that takes place in our culture and look at some of the history.
Thomas Aquinas went so far as to prepare a list of six ways to commit gluttony, including:
•Praepropere - eating too soon
•Laute - eating too expensively
•Nimis - eating too much
•Ardenter - eating too eagerly
•Studiose - eating too daintily
•Forente - eating too fervently

I've got FASTFOOD Nation on the list of must see documentary's to help combat gluttony (or at least contribute to some thought about what we eat and why and as Aquinas would encourage us even HOW we eat it!). 

Interestingly, hospitality is one of the most underrated spiritual gifts of our fast food culture... we never really understand the power of sharing a meal together... but we should - perhaps gluttony has lead to a poverty of sharing food??? And that poverty has created a hide out and consume copious amounts - instead of everyone join in and let's share... that sort of selfish intent is sure to kill the generous, open-handed hospitality needed in the Kingdom of God. Eugene Peterson in his book on Spiritual theology suggests that hospitality (the act of the shared meal) is the lost ingredient in true Christian practise... well worth a read... 

anyway, I struggle with everything Thomas broke down about gluttony (with the exception of Studiose!). i'd say if you live in a Western World - you too struggle with this particular sin as well... the good news is that we can break the power of gluttony with sharing. Why not make hospitality a discipline today... share more than you keep - it could get gluttony off your back. 

Be blessed.