First love's flame...

Was at a secret covenant ceremony tonight... ok, it wasn't really a secret - but it felt a bit covert... and was really fun.  Four warriors abandoning the world and all it's ways for the fullness of what God has for them in the Salvation Army. 

I remember recently people asking me why I thought God chose me to be a Salvation Army officer - which seems an impossible question really... I've no idea what he was thinking - his ways are higher than mine (big sigh of relief here!). 
But, I was thinking tonight that the mission of The Salvation Army - the dream of it.. the founding thoughts of a movement of people committed to live out Isaiah 58 - that makes my heart beat faster... it seems every time we celebrate the mission of The Salvation Army I fall in love again.. I know it seems odd... sometimes I try to convince myself that you can't really love an 'organisation' but the truth of it is this: I love The Salvation Army. And just like a spouse I recognise that she's not perfect... she has her faults... but still it seems - even as we grow older together... I appreciate her more and more.... here's to the constant rekindling of first love's flame... may it grow only brighter.
God speed to the latest Captains of the Australia Southern Territory. 
GeneralDanielle Strickland