Flowers were meant to bloom

Had a great call from a friend today. She was updating me on how God was blessing her life and it made me remember when we met. It's a long and complicated story really - needless to say we first met behind a dumpster in an alley in the downtown eastside of Vancouver. Her street name was Flower. It took her half an hour to find a vein that wasn't collapsed to inject her drugs in. Now, five years later - she's a different person. Completely different. Clean, free, learning, growing - in Christian community - using her gifts for God and others. She is a miracle. She prays and worships like no-one! I love to watch her dance... and she's pretty crafty with a worship flag!

God gave me a song for her the first day we met - and He reminded me of it today- I'm pleased to say, with experience - it's true. Never doubt the saving power of Jesus. He saves. I'm so blessed to know Him and her! (ht:sh)


Flowers were meant to bloom
You will not break a reed that's bruised

Beauty for ashes

Glory for shame

We're trading our sorrows again

Flowers were meant to bloom

The Spirit is upon me, with good news

Freedom for captives

Sight for the blind

It's time for your favour again

Give us, holy passion

Give us, buring desire

Give us, zeal for your kingdom

Give us, pentecostal fire

Make us, mighty warriors

Make us, lambs who roar

Make us, warriors of righteousness

Make us, a well-watered garden

Make us, living streams

Make us, oaks of righteousness

Your Kingdom come, your will be done

on earth as it is in Heaven.

(reference Isaiah 61)