The gambling LIE....


I was at an anti-gambling form today.
Really well organized and inspiring.. the City of Bendigo is trying to fight against more pokie machines being forced into their community... why?

1. it exploits the poor (the gaming organizers know that the economically challenged are most likely to be caught in the trap of easy and quick cash).
2. it's like poison.. gambling itself is addictive... its not just SOME people with a problem... the product of gambling is unsafe and uncontrolled - by nature it's destructive
3. it creates a normalizing function on society - where people start thinking it's completely normal for parents to spend their extra cash on the false hope of a quick buck - WHEN it's NOT!
4. a community or a society could never repay the debt that gambling creates... in communties... the cost to families and society is much higher than a simply economic chart... but even in simple economic terms... gaming takes revenue for community development out of communities!!

I'm calling on all governments everywhere to look at gambling critically. Its a short-term, lie based cash cow that wants to rob people of dignity and society of compassion. Time for some creative, colourful option of re-distribution and develpment funds that aren't taking much needed from the poor!

This was the decision of a great group of people in bendigo (including the mayor's desire)... and I pray it will be the decision of wise and responsible people everywhere! Get involved.