Finished... but not well.


So, I did a triathlon on Sunday past. It was quite a fun time actually. Besides the obvious gruelling on my body (particularly since I was classically 'under-trained'), as I finished the announcer said, 'here comes our second female finisher!' and everyone cheered and then it dawned on me that I hadn't done two laps on the run - only one. So instead of running 10k to finish - I only did 5k. Crazy. So, I asked if I could go back and do the next loop - but it was too late... I had already crossed the finished line. Now, despite being a funny story - I was disappointed. Mostly in myself - for not paying attention, for not pressing through, for finishing but not really... then I started wondering what it will be like in the final finish of our race on earth... I hope I'm not cheating the distance on this side of eternity - I hope I'm not taking the easy route - the shortcuts... I hope when they cheer in heaven (the great cloud of witnesses are surely a lively bunch) I actually deserve it.

The really good news in all this is that I survived the 1500m open ocean swim in two foot waves! Not drowning is an accomplishment! :-)

Grace for your journey and mine.
"I want to run in a manner that's worthy of the gospel." (Ephesians).