John Smith and St. Martins

Had the great joy of being able to walk down the street to St. Martin's Community Church this sunday and join in their 'God Squad' celebrations. It's a fun thing to go to a church where 25 Harley's are parked on the sidewalk outside.
Inside it's filled with bikers who love Jesus and show it by their service to the community.
John Smith (a legend in Aus. and founder of the God Squad movement, St. Martins Community Church and Concern Australia - advocacy group) was on to preach. And what a great preach it was. Using Isaiah and the gospels (John the Baptist and Jesus as the main characters) he wove us a beautiful tapesty of deep, rooted, justice within the Christmas message. Check out Mary's magnificant song to that effect in Luke's gospel... the poor are exalted while the rich go away empty handed - God's economy!
the challenge was a full one... and in case anyone couldn't make the application - here's the classic quote to a prosperity philosophy, "Todays church is not grasping the Kingdom, they are bastardising it." thanks John for the reminder. Open-handed living is the answer for me... I'm prying my hands open daily - God help us!