Saved to Save

Saved2Save training school is based on Jesus command “Freely you have received; freely give!” (Matt 10:8)

S2S is not so much a traditional bible school as a place for personal experience of biblical truth. We can only give to others what we have received personally and experienced for ourselves.

S2S aims to equip and train young and old to serve the Lord on a voluntary basis.
S2S can be viewed as a training resource for the front-line people, the pioneers in God’s Kingdom. We are looking for those who, beside their ordinary work, want to give their time towards building God’s Kingdom. Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe, the most secularized part of the world, are in desperate need for Gods truth and the Gospel of Jesus. Therefore;

The vision of S2S is to:
Recruit people passionate to live incarnational christianity in Europe.
Help them experience deep and full salvation.
Train them to save others.
Send them out to serve, especially to plant outposts.