Fully Alive


Not sure if I mentioned justsalvos.com? It's online now.. you'll want to check it out!
Also, had a great time today in prayer for trafficked victims... I was reminded by God of His great concern for each of us. He made us in His image... every one of us - and somehow it offered me some assurance that His care was so intricate and personal... I can't imagine His suffering over the millions of his children in bondage right now. Two of my favourite saints (St. Francis and Mother Theresa) prayed to exerience the depth of Jesus' suffering (inspired by Paul to KNOW Him in His suffering)... God answered both of them in some painful ways - and yet both exuded His presence and joy... perhaps I'm still to immature to understand the implications but I'm not quite there yet... I am thankful that I can feel - there was a time I was stuck on 'happy' but it was an artificial emotion - God finally broke in and revealed the depth of His heart to me and gave me the revelation that to be alive means to FEEL all different kinds of emotion... then being sad took on new meaning - anger new energy - and joy new levels. Perhaps that early church father was on to something when he said, 'the glory of God is man fully alive'.
Anyway, I'm beliving that our Father wants His children FREE - all of them. God grant it.