Dreaming at Anti-Poverty Forum...


The Salvation Army sponsored an anti-poverty forum today.
Leaders in the field spoke powerfully on behalf of the 10% of Australians left out of the 'dream' and subject to poverty - and it's horrible results.
David Eldridge delivered it well - poverty is not God's idea... indeed, it can and should be eradicated. He spoke about our need to realise that it's in our power to end it. Homelessness and poverty can be finished.
I agree with him. As a matter of fact on yesterday at the Melbourne Central Division officer's day we spoke of widening our dreams... re-imagining the world as God would want it. And then posturing ourselves to live the dream.
We broke open Commissioner Knaggs dream for the SA in Australia and began to imagine what they would look like in real life... how do we put legs (strategies) on the body of a dream... we walk it out. Jesus was the legs on the body of God's redemption dream.
The question begs to be asked: are you living the dream?