Great Poem!

A friend sent me this inspired by a word from God on waking up from the slumber of the culture of comfort... I say, bring it on Jesus - keep me awake at all costs!

i don’t want to fall asleep again
i’ve spent so long just trying to wake up
whatever it takes
driving down a dark highway
falling asleep at the wheel
i crank the tunes, stick my face out in the freezing wind
and scream with everything in me

i scream to ward off the slumber that rises
it always tries to creep in and rolls over
like a cozy blanket next to a fire
so inviting and mesmerizing
when eyes begin to blur and droop
lulled by the distant roar and familiarity

the blast of cold air catches in my lungs
and i gasp, the scream rising again
i get uncomfortable as my fingers
begin to turn blue gripping the wheel
window open in the dead of winter
and I am fully alive

a legion of eye-candy invades my senses
and tries to rock me to sleep in its arms
yet I begin to kick with one foot and then the other
and before I know it I’m running fast
and far away from its false comfort

knowing pain because it keeps me awake
sharpens my senses and my eyes discern
the very slumber that tried to turn me away
now its time to rob the grave
and breathe life on the bones that lay sleeping
a challenging intrusion
just to remain fully alive
-by Tanya Morrison