Love as Holiness and Justice

So, way back when I was taking a course on theology we were discussion the implications of the greatest commandment lived out... and one of our classmates came up with a diagram that made love expressed vertically as holiness and horizontally as justice... it was an interesting thought - same source LOVE in and out. 2love might be on to something ( and the other day I blogged about two completely different churches - and someone commented about their desire to see them put together... the passion and purity of a hot holiness expressed outward through compassionate, thoughtful social justice - sounds to me like the makings of an early movement called The Salvation Army. The dangers in both areas are holiness becoming religius piety and justice becoming crusty and hard. Both need the true source of love as their blood or they dry up. Which love do you lack at the moment... I say UP and OUT with abundance... come on church - wake up.