I'm a Fool for a revolution


I was able and priviledged to catch most of the UNOH conference well named 'fools for a revolution' this weekend. Great opportunity to be challenged and reminded of the Kingdom basics - here are a few classic moments:
1. Jackie Pullinger - "I don't have balance... I don't have boundaries - I'm tired and worn out and all of that is fine." Nice. For many reasons, this stuff is so offensive to Christians - but I think it's awesome.
"The opposite of patience isn't impatience it's unbelief."
she offered some great thoughts for Kingdom workers...
- for those who've been at it (persevering) but haven't seen fruit - keep believing and begin to get impatient for God to move...
- for those who are just starting... learn to be patient and God will move when He wants... you learn faithfulness and endurance.

2. Shane Claibourne - (I think it's really Tony Campolo but not sure) "I don't want to tip toe around the edges of life just to arrive at death safely." nice. me either... I'd rather do the hokey pokey through the middle of it! ;-)
3. Tim Costello - mentioning wesley and booth as the great forerunners of evangelical social justice... nice. nice. nice.
I was encouraged and built up - didn't hurt to meet many great legends, heros and warriors (fellow fighters) who were there too.
God is good and it's confirmed - I am a fool for revolution.