Why Bother?


Someone raised a great question in the comments on the last blog: how would a bunch of middle-class do-gooders going 'homeless' for a week do anything to help the homeless? I thought it was a good question.

Here are a few ideas:

Just:be Homeless is an experiential justice initiative that hopes to help alleviate the problem of homelessness in Australia.

We will ‘be’ homeless in order to:

identify (we want to know first hand some of the realities that face the homeless everyday).
solidarity (we want to align ourselves ‘with’ the homeless).
proximity (we want to tear down barriers/stereotypes and judgements that keep us apart).
voice (we want to create a means so people who find themselves homeless can speak for themselves).
awareness (we want others to pay attention to the problem in our cities and districts in order to affect change).

There are other things we can do on a long-term basis to help... but for this week, this experience has the capacity to change US in order that we can change the world. And hey, it sure beats doing nothing.
"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men [and women] to do nothing." Edmond Burke